Earthquakes! - Earthquake Map and Alerts App Reviews

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Stopped Working

It went from a five star to a one star. Use to work great, now it wont load any info. Just a black screen. Gonna search for a different app. The only thing that does work is the alert to upgrade to another one of their apps.

What happened?

This was a great app. I used it a lot and then it stopped working. It will not display any activity. Is there a fix?

The app is dead.

The app is dead as of today.

A map with nothing on the screen

I used to love this app but today we had 3 earthquakes in lake arrowhead and Id didnt show up on the map. Actually nothing shows up on the map. Thats too bad. On to the next app.

App no longer works

I Used to love this app. Anytime I felt something like and earthquake I could check it and see if it was really was an earthquake. Very useful living in SoCal. Not so useful over the last few months as It doesnt work anymore. Deleted and re- downloaded but still nothing. Clearly an app failed. :(. Severely disappointed as I really liked it when it worked.

Stopped working out of the blue

I keep all apps updated. This one will now not show me the list of earthquakes around the world unless I allow it to know where I am! Why? Its up to me if I want notifications or not. So now they wont show me any eartquake taking place anywhere in the planet? Wrong... Very wrong!

Great app when it worked

This app used to work great until they changed whatever they did a few weeks ago. Now it crashes all the time and send no notifications.

Use to be good.

Im not sure what happen. It worked so well. Living in So Cal any time there was an earthquake I would look at the App or it would notify me. I loved it! But now it doesnt work there were several earthquakes the other day and nothing. Not on the map, list or no notifications.

Use to work Great, now JUUUUNK

Use to love your app, now wont do crap, tried deleting and reinstalling, notta, tried a diff phone, notta, been getting worse all 2015, Now wont do jack, absolutely worthless. Im Going to a different app that actually works and hopefully their Meddling comp Geeks will leave things alone

Loved it but now stopped work

I really like this app but it recently stop working. It stop showing earthquakes all together I even deleted it and reinstalled it and still the same thing. Please fix ASAP!!!!!


This used to be my go to app for quakes but for months now it has not reported anything. Contacted support a couple times but never received a response

App has quit working

This app has quit working. There are not any quakes shown on the map nor any listed.

Does not work

It hasnt worked for the last six months whats up fix it!!!!!

Easy to use

Its very basic and simple making it easy to use

Use to be good

This app use to work great but ever since they have been advertising their other app it has not worked at all. Had a 4.8 today and the app doesnt report it. Uninstalled and reinstalled....nothing

No updated for 2 years? Cmon!

Developers, *knock knock* Hello, are you there? *knock knock* This app hasnt been updated for over two years. It was working on my iPhone 4 then just updated my phone to iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.+ software updated and now this app is not working. Used to be my favorite app and now it forced me to delete this app and went for other app close to this and Im still not satisfied. AHH!!!


Does not work anymore. Shows no earthquakes in CA...and there was one this morning reported on the news. Will delete.

Not working

Tried to look up quakes today and get an empty list. No updates since 2013.


Used to be a great app. Now it doesnt work and hasnt been updated in a long time. Shouldnt even be in the store anymore.

Not good at all

The apt stopped working. Constant "offers" to upgrade for money