Earthquakes! - Earthquake Map and Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 6812 ratings )
Weather Utilities
Developer: Earthquake Map and Alerts
Current version: 2.0.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Dec 2011
App size: 9.2 Mb

Earthquake Map and Alerts will let you know when the next tremor hits! Set alerts for your area based on distance and strength to receive notifications on your phone. You can also view earthquakes that have already occurred in a list view, organized by magnitude. With map view, you can find quakes closest to you and see details such as distance from you, start time and magnitude.

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Latest reviews of Earthquakes! - Earthquake Map and Alerts app for iPhone and iPad

Stopped Working
It went from a five star to a one star. Use to work great, now it wont load any info. Just a black screen. Gonna search for a different app. The only thing that does work is the alert to upgrade to another one of their apps.
What happened?
This was a great app. I used it a lot and then it stopped working. It will not display any activity. Is there a fix?
The app is dead.
The app is dead as of today.
A map with nothing on the screen
I used to love this app but today we had 3 earthquakes in lake arrowhead and Id didnt show up on the map. Actually nothing shows up on the map. Thats too bad. On to the next app.
App no longer works
I Used to love this app. Anytime I felt something like and earthquake I could check it and see if it was really was an earthquake. Very useful living in SoCal. Not so useful over the last few months as It doesnt work anymore. Deleted and re- downloaded but still nothing. Clearly an app failed. :(. Severely disappointed as I really liked it when it worked.
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